Repeat Emmy Award winners ‘Succession’, ‘Ted Lasso’ and 1st timers

The Emmy Awards have spread to repeat winners and many awards first-the time in glorious party on Monday. While HBO’s drama “Caliphate” and comedy “Ted Lasso” garnered the highest honors. again”Squid Game” actor took main acting prize home like his first.

Named “Caliphate” best drama seriesAnd the award HBO show It was won in 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted its production schedule. The showwho has won four awards overall, tells us story of The rich and backstabbed Roy family as persia members for power.

+ Apple TV series “Ted Lasso” also was a repeat winnerclaiming best comedy for The second straight year for that it tale of American football coach leading british football team. Its co-stars Jason Sudeikis and Brett Goldstein were the second time winners of best comedian and supporting the actor.

Likewise, the electors honored the song “Euphoria” star Zendaya like best Drama Actress Jean Smart of Like best Comedian actress. It was second win for All in those categories.

The hacked newcomer was Lee Jong Jae, who his name was best Drama actor for for him role in South Korean thriller “The Squid Game”. miserable story About cashUnruly contestants are risking their lives for Wealth has become a global Feeling after its release on Netflix year Ago.

actor thanks team behind “squid game” for ‘Make Realism problems us all face Come to life creatively on the screen.”

Most praised show of Tonight was “White Lotus” on HBO. He. She won 10 prizes from them best-Limited series Representation of awards for Jennifer Coolidge and Murray Bartlett. These gains have helped HBO and streaming service HBO Max lead All other networks with 38 honors overall.

Host and “Saturday Night Live” star Kenan Thompson maintained a festive tone throughout showsaying that it is time to estimate one of The world’s favorite entertainment.

“What would we do without television, reading books?” He joked, before joining dance numbers for theme songs From the classic sitcom “Friends” to current Fiction hit “Weird things”.

The winners are the ones who lead the most clear of politics or world events. The only exception is the “caliphate” creator Jesse Armstrong who jokingly it was big week for “Succession” in reference to the taking of King Charles over British throne after death of for him motherQueen Elizabeth.

“I am not saying that we more Lawful in Our position on it. We’ll leave that to others,” Armstrong said.

British actor “Lasso” Goldstein, who Football legend Roy Kent plays blunt but soft-hearted, and said he would try not to swear after his profanity notes were deleted. off in Britain when it was won last yearprevent him family of hearing them.

then it added: “Mom, Dad… I love you.”

Singer Lizo earned amy award for competition series for “Be careful for The Big Grrrls. The musician said she was always a little girl wanted TV feature “fat person like I, black like me beautiful like I.”

“I’m going to go back And tell Lizzo something… you will become that person,” she said.

Among the other winners, Michael Keaton was selected lead the actor in Limited series for playing a small-Town Doctor who Become addicted to painkillers in “Dubsik”.

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