robots in medicine: turkish doctors treat with robotic surgery

Robots are surely the future, they might even be the present. We are not yet in the “I, Robot” phase of the artificial revolution, but there are many aspects of the modern world who have been made easier Due to use of robotics equipment.

Case in point: In a hospital in Bursa in Turkey more more than 100 patients have been treated with robotic surgery for knee and hip replacement that helps doctors for 1 1/2 years with millimeter precision.

Before the operation, doctors pass on the necessary information about patientrobot operation. the use of robots in surgery eliminates possible errors along with additional costs.

Over 100 orthopedic patients have been treated to date.

Professor Ömer Faruk Bilgen, Member of the High Advisory Council of the Turkish Health Tourism Development Board and the President of the board of the private Medicabil Hospital, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that robotic surgery, which was previously used in different branches of surgery, also Already used in field of orthopedics in these last years.

Bilgen said this method is widely used in orthopedic surgery around the world. “In Turkey, robotic surgery is practiced in five (medical) centers, including our hospital.”

Bilgen pointed out that robotic surgery has the technological ability to ensure error-free operation as it mentioned advantages of the system.

“This robot eliminates humans error and offers the possibility of place a prosthesis that patient can use for 30 to 35 years old. (Today,) we can use robotic prosthetic surgery in the hip and knee joint.”

This removes doubt as to whether the operation was successful or not, he said.

Bilgen said robotic surgery, which allows patients should be discharged earlier, also provides a very comfortable painless post-operating period without soft tissue trauma.

“Our patient’s bone structure is examined with computed tomography. Before the operation, we prepare as if the operation was in progress in a 3d virtual environment. After loading the information on the robot, there is no question of (Go off the scenario). During surgery, in the case of an unusual situation, the surgeon performing the operation may take control of the robot. This creates a vault environment for us.”

Bilgen said the robot in question also contributed significantly to the development of the country economy.

Bilgen explained that the method reduces revision rate preventing errors during surgery and eliminating the possibility of a need for a second transaction. “The cost East up for six at seven o ‘clock times higher in revision surgery. We recommend robotic surgery to avoid this. Our patients and the country economy benefits from his use.”

Bilgen added that thanks to the robot, surgeries of many patients from Turkey and abroad have gone well and they are leading a comfortable life.

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