Rohingya refugee boat landing in Indonesia after a month at sea


broken-down A boat carrying 57 Rohingya refugees has landed on West coast of Indonesia on Police said Sunday after a month at sea.

thousands of The Rohingya, who are mostly Muslims, are severely persecuted in Buddhist-majority Myanmar, risk their lives year on long, expensive Cruises – often in Poor quality ships – in Try to get to Malaysia or Indonesia.

The wooden bowl with 57 men on board Arrived around 8am local time (1am GMT) on Beach in A local police spokesman, Winardi, told AFP in the far western province of Aceh.

The boat’s engine had failed and the wind had carried it ashore in Ladong Village in Aceh Besar (province), “Winardi, who passes one He said the name.

They said they were drifting out to sea for Month.”

winardi added that the police had reached the shore after being informed by some locals that the boat had anchored there.

He said four of the men on board They were sick and taken to the hospital.

Telmaizul Syatri, and head of local migration officeHe said that the refugees would be temporarily housed in a locality government Possibility.

“We will coordinate with International Organization for Immigration and UNHCR can even handle it well.”

This is the third Rohingya refugee boat to set off arrive in Indonesia with a Muslim majority in recent months.

Two boats carrying a total of 229 Rohingya landed in Aceh on November 15 and 16, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Sunday arrival Comes after politicians from Southeast Asia called the Commission for Rescue of Another ship carrying up to 200 Rohingya refugees, incl women And the childrenstranded at sea for several weeks.

This boat has been reported in The waters are close to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and India in Andaman Sea and Strait of Malacca, one of The world’s busiest shipping route.

The UNHCR said last the week it was in Water since late November, has received reports of At least twelve people dying on board. these left on The boat they don’t have access for food or water.

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