Russia is preparing big eastern attack, attack on Kharkiv: Ukraine


Russia is preparing to launch a new offensive in Eastern Ukraine trying to seize city of Kharkiv and encircle the heavily fortified eastern front line of the country, Ukraine defense Ministry said on Monday.

Russia was attacking cities of Rubizhne and Popasna in Luhansk region To put way for attacks on The capital of the region of Severodonetsk and also mobilize forces for capture the besieged port of Mariupol, defense Ministry spokesman Oleksandr Motozyanek said.

Severodonetsk and Mariupol are located in the far north and south of the tip of Ukraine’s several hundred kilometer long line of call, ‘stop-fire The line captured by the Ukrainian forces against Russian-backed separatist forces in Donbass since 2015.

Separately, conservative of East Luhansk region also He said that the Russian forces are preparing for a big attack in The regionurges mass evacuation.

“We see it equipment Coming from different directions, bringing manpower, bringing fuel,” Serhi Gaidai said in Video statement on cable.

We understand that they are preparing for a full-Scale big breakthrough ” added.

Gaidai urged residents to leave region as soon as possible. “Please don’t wait for is yours homes to be bombed in separate video.

“do not hesitate” addedspecifying 1000 people evacuated on Monday.

a senior pentagonal official Russia has removed about two thirds of The forces that were around Kyiv – who Mostly sent back to Belarus with plans To redeploy elsewhere in Ukraine.

And so were the Russian units, Motozyanek said moving out of Belarus, Russia, and Moscow were preparing stocks of fuel and ammunition in regions bordering eastern Ukraine.

It was Russia also Equipping medical facilities for potential flow of He said in a press statement that the number of dead and wounded among its forces.

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