Russian military operation in Ukraine and its repercussions on its sixth day… moment by moment


On the sixth day, the Russian military continues its special operation to protect Donbass and demilitarize Ukraine as Western countries tighten economic sanctions on Moscow and military support to the Ukrainian authorities escalates.

in the field

  • Zelensky exempts “foreign mercenaries” who want to fight against Russia from entry visas
  • Media: A group of ex-British special forces members travels to Ukraine
  • Ukrainian army: 3 European countries transferred to Ukraine 70 aircraft that can be deployed in Poland
  • People’s forces besieged Ukrainian troops near Donetsk


  • China: Negotiations are the key to resolving the crisis between Russia and Ukraine son way
  • Washington: Lifting sanctions on Russia depends on stopping escalation
  • Finland’s parliament to discuss a petition calling for joining NATO on Tuesday
  • Arab League on crisis in Ukraine: We do not blame or condemn
  • Japan imposes sanctions on Putin, Lavrov and Shoigu
  • Australia allocates $50m to Ukraine to support defense
  • Al-Jaafari: US plans to cut Europe off Russian gas

Russian President Vladimir Putinin In his words, on February 24, Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine to “protect the people who have been subjected to humiliation and genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years”.

Putin said that this situation requires the implementation of the operation “to disarm Ukraine”, the protection of civilians in Donbass.

Western countries responded to Moscow’s move by imposing unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia and increasing military support to the Kyiv authorities.

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