Russian singer committed suicide while fleeing the war in Ukraine


To avoid being recruited to fight in Ukraine, the Russian rapper committed suicide.

Ivan Vitalyevich Petunin, 27, is believed to have committed suicide in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar on Friday.

His body was found near a high-rise building on Congressnaya Street.

This happened after the musician, who previously served in the Russian army and was treated in a psychiatric hospital, recorded a video posted on his Telegram channel in which he told his fans: “If you are watching this video, I am no longer alive,” indicates that he couldn’t resist. He was recruited to fight in Ukraine, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

He also expressed concern that the partial mobilization into the army, announced by President Vladimir Putin last September, will turn into full conscription.

It is noteworthy that Putin announced a partial mobilization into the army, starting from September 21.

And he ordered during an appeal to fellow citizens about the further fate of the military operation on Ukrainian soil to immediately call up 300,000 fighters from the reserve.

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