Russian strike kills 70 soldiers in Okhtyrka, eastern Ukraine


A Russian missile or artillery fire targeting a Ukrainian military base killed 70 soldiers in the city of Oktyrka in eastern Ukraine, the authorities in Kyiv confirmed Tuesday.

Ukrainian parliament confirmed on Twitter that an army unit got shot in the city located in the region of Sumy, eponymous with the city who was under russian attack since invasion has begun last Thusday.

Okhtyrka serves as an important crossroads between the capital Kyiv and the country second-most grand city, Kharkiv. Russian forces are currently fight for control of the two cities, along with other key territories across the country.

The city also is sitting on the main road between Sumy and Poltava, one of the few largebank Ukrainian cities relatively far from the front line.

The dead in Okhtyrka were also announced by Dmytro Zhyvytsky, head of Sumy regional administration, who photos shared on his Telegram channel of a burned-out four-story building and rescuers in action.

Like Russia invasion of Ukraine enters matchday six, concerns grow over number of civilian casualties in the conflict, including in Kharkiv, which has suffered intense attack in The last days.

Russia denied targeting civilian areas despite landing rockets in residential neighborhoods. Ukraine says more more than 350 civilians have been killed since Moscow launched the attack last week.

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