Superstar Comic Book Artist Bryan Hitch Explains Delayed Release of Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor – Behind the Scenes and Labor of Love


Superstar Comic Book Artist Bryan Hitch Explains Delayed Release of Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor

Bryan Hitch, a renowned comic book artist, recently took to social media to address the delayed release of the second issue of his highly anticipated DC Black Label miniseries, Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor. The project, in collaboration with writer Mark Waid and colorist Kevin Nowlan, was originally scheduled for late September but is now set to be released on December 26.

The Project Was Not Ready

Hitch emphasizes that it would be unfair to label the project as late because, in his opinion, it was never truly ready for release in the first place. The first issue of Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor hit the shelves at the end of July, seemingly following a bimonthly release schedule. However, Hitch explains that this was never a feasible plan.

Behind the Scenes

Hitch sheds light on the production process behind the book. When he and Waid initially started working on it, Waid was still involved with his responsibilities at Boom, and Hitch was considering other long-term projects. This resulted in a long gap between the completion of issue one and Waid’s ability to work on issue two. Additionally, Waid had other series and monthly commitments he had to prioritize, which further contributed to the delay. Hitch himself took on other projects, including Venom (16 issues) and Ultimate Invasion (150 pages). He eventually returned to Superman and completed issue three earlier this year after finishing Ultimate Invasion in late July.

Given the circumstances, it was surprising for Hitch that the first issue was solicited and published while he had only completed about 20 pages of issue two, and Nowlan had only completed four pages. Hitch speculates that the decision to publish may have been driven by financial or scheduling considerations on DC’s end, although he believes it doesn’t accurately reflect the progression of the artwork. He assures fans that the full series will be completed by early November, with Nowlan needing a bit more time to finish.

A Labor of Love

Hitch expresses his love and passion for the project, emphasizing the long-awaited collaboration between him and Waid. They have received positive responses to the premature release of issue one and express their gratitude to the fans. Hitch acknowledges that the delays may not create the best impression, but it is essential for them to have the opportunity to finish the series according to their vision. He believes that Waid’s script is a timeless Superman story that will be appreciated for years to come, and he praises the dedication of Nowlan in bringing the artwork to life. Hitch assures fans that the project is progressing, urging them to hang in there as they work towards completing it.

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