Tabuk branch of the Ministry of Sports organizes a bike ride for amateurs


Today, the Tabuk branch of the Ministry of Sports organized an amateur bike ride, which was attended by more than 50 cyclists, citizens and residents of both sexes.

The 36km race started at exactly 8am in front of the main gate of King Khalid Sports City in Tabuk, passing through King Faisal Road and Tabuk Gate Square.

Ibrahim Al-Atwi, Director of the Tabuk branch of the Ministry of Sports, explained that the event is one of the activities organized by the Ministry of Sports in partnership with a number of authorities, which aims to increase the enthusiasm for cycling in society and increase the level of cycling in the region to meet vision of 2030, allowing hobbyists to use bicycles for their hobby, and to increase the participation of male and female volunteers in organizing such events.

In conclusion, the director of the branch of the Ministry of Sports crowned the winners who took the first three places in the race, and also awarded the participants and fans of the race.

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