Techland Has Made Available The Concept Artwork For Their Upcoming “Fantasy Epic” IP

Techland Games said that it was creating a brand-new AAA open-world action RPG fantasy game last May. At that time, information was scarce, and Techland kept its cards close to its vest; we still need to find the name.

But we now have more concept art due to the team updating everyone on social media. Techland posted a high-resolution image of the upcoming game on Twitter and other intriguing tidbits about it.

Many elements are shown in a single image. For example, in the faraway sky, a planet or moon has been destroyed, blown wide open, and dispersed across the atmosphere. We immediately question whether that is our moon or if this entire world is a lie.

Then, in the foreground, a man climbing a tree dressed in tribal attire is visible. He’s in a traditional Assassin’s Creed position, which raises the possibility that this game may have a verticality system. Naturally, Techland is well-known for producing Dying Light. The parkour mechanics in this open-world zombie-slaying genre are almost unsurpassed.

As a franchise, Dying Light recently exceeded thirty million in sales.

There are also a few areas with fauna, including wonderful, colorful birds and some rodents and primates that, once more, don’t appear to be from our world. Amazing temples are constructed in the background of the picture on top of rough, rugged plinths. Although the entire scenario appears historical, it is inconsistent with human history.

Many aspects in the scene scream ‘a different planet’. Still, the figure in the foreground of the photo is human.

Whatever the game’s objectives, this image offers a lot to unpack and is captivating. Many creative people were hired to work on the game, including devs who previously worked on The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Mad Max, Deathloop, and Horizon: Zero Dawn, according to Techland’s announcement of the project last year.

Techland isn’t above disclosing any information about this game before it has to. We’ll have to wait and watch, hoping this new IP will soon be given concrete information.

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