The Controversial Scene in Twilight: Sofia Coppola’s Reservation and the Werewolf Imprinting Twist


A Popular Saga that Gripped Young Audiences: Twilight

Twilight, a famous franchise from the mid-2000s, has become an iconic adolescent saga in cinema. This captivating love story revolves around a vampire and a human, drawing the attention of numerous young fans worldwide. What sets this saga apart is not only its simple yet effective storyline but also the impressive feature films that came with it. Robert Pattinson mesmerizes as the dark vampire, while Kristen Stewart portrays the human deeply in love with this dangerous creature. Spanning from 2008 to 2012, a total of five films were released, making them highly regarded by audiences.

Interestingly, not many fans are aware that a prominent filmmaker was initially supposed to direct the final Twilight film but declined due to a scene she found too peculiar. This filmmaker is Sofia Coppola, renowned for her cult films like Virgin Suicides (1999) and Marie-Antoinette (2006).

A Controversial Scene in Twilight: Sofia Coppola’s Reservation

In a recent revelation, Sofia Coppola mentioned that she turned down the opportunity to direct the last Twilight film because of a specific aspect of the storyline that she deemed too bizarre. This aspect revolved around the character of Jacob Black, the werewolf.

For those unfamiliar with the books or movies, Sofia Coppola was referring to a highly debated plot point in Twilight. The character of Jacob experiences a phenomenon common among werewolves called “imprinting,” which resembles the search for a soulmate. However, Jacob’s imprinting is on Renesmée, the daughter of Bella and Edward… who is barely a newborn. Understandably, this peculiar twist in the story was the reason behind the director’s decision.

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