The draw for the Hajji competition at the Camel Festival with the participation of 39 contestants


The 7th King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, which is being held today under the slogan “Himt Tuvayk”, has drawn lots for the “Hajij” contest in a new look in accordance with a set of conditions established by the competition committee.

The draw divided the contestants into two groups: the first includes the categories (safar, shaal, habash) in which 29 contestants participate, compared to 10 contestants in the second group, in the categories (wadh, shaka, hamar).

The committee clarified the winning mechanism based on scoring the most points by reaching the singles of the owner participating in the competition, as each owner is allowed to participate with 15 singles in its first stage, and 15 competitors from each group come out of these with the highest score , and also the participant has the right to reward them with a necklace of a special color, knowing that all participating camels pass a doping test, and violators will be excluded from the 18-kilometer camel race category, while a special round from the category of direct to the meeting is introduced for bipeds.

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