“The EU will accept anyone fleeing Russia invasion in Ukraine’

The European Union will accept all people run away from conflict in Ukraine as Russia unleashed a full-climb invasion of the country, said German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on Friday.

“We need do everything to accept without delay people who are now fleeing from bombs, tanks,” she told reporters at son arrival for an encounter with its EU counterparts in Brussels.

“We have tried everything to avoid this day (of the invasion) but it still came because the Russian president chose war over human lives. And that’s why we’ll take in all people who are leaking now,” Baerbock said, adding that she had already began to coordinate the distribution of Ukrainian refugees with countries such as Poland and Canada.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has defied Western warnings of triggering a full-climb invasion on Thursday which moved at least 100,000 people and drew worldwide condemnation world.

Russia demanded that Ukraine drop son ambition to join NATO. NATO, however, said it would not send forces to Ukraine.

weeks of diplomacy failed dissuade Putin, who mass over 150,000 troops on The borders of Ukraine.

Western allies initially imposed sanctions on Russia in an effort to prevent Putin from invading, then followed on Thursday with swears to punish Russia heavily economically.

US President Joe Biden announced export controls against Russia, alongside sanctions on The Russian elites he called “corrupt billionaires” and the banks.

He will meet on Friday with fellow NATO leaders in an extraordinary virtual summit to discuss the security situation in and around Ukraine.

EU also moved to impose ‘massive’ sanctions on Energy and finance sectors in Russia on Thusday.

EU officials on Friday said the bloc had agreed to go even further by freezing Europe assets personally linked to Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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