The Impact of the Barbie Movie on Mattel: A Playful Portrayal, Mattel’s Response, Success, and Future Plans

The Impact of the Barbie Movie on Mattel

A Playful Portrayal of Mattel

In the movie, Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, ventures into the real world in search of answers to her existential crisis. When she arrives at Mattel HQ hoping to find the woman in charge, she discovers that the entire C-suite is comprised of men. Their lack of leadership skills and understanding of Barbie’s iconic status become a running joke throughout the film. Will Ferrell portrays the out-of-touch Mattel CEO with a hilariously oblivious attitude.

Mattel’s Response

Instead of taking offense, Mattel’s CEO, Ynon Kreiz, revealed in a recent interview that the company embraced the portrayal. In an interview with Semafor’s On The Record, Kreiz shared his view on how Mattel appeared in Barbie’s world, stating, “Embrace self-deprecation. It wasn’t just about bashing Mattel; it was part of this great narrative and interpretation of Barbie’s universe.”

Kreiz also expressed his support for Greta Gerwig’s vision for the Barbie movie. The Mattel leadership team gave Gerwig full creative freedom because they believed in her ability to create something that resonated with people. This trust in Gerwig’s vision has paid off significantly.

The Success of Barbie

The Barbie movie has not only become one of the most beloved films in 2023, but it has also shattered box office records, becoming a billion-dollar blockbuster upon its release in July. Additionally, Barbie’s success has translated into a revenue boost for Mattel, with approximately $125 million in added sales, according to On The Record.

Expanding in the Cinematic World

While the Barbie sequel may not be in the works, Mattel is considering other options for expanding its presence in the cinematic world. Upcoming films about Polly Pocket with Lena Dunham and Barney with Daniel Kaluuya are being discussed. It remains to be seen whether these future movies will also include subtle jabs at Mattel, but the company is unlikely to take them to heart.

If you’re interested in watching the Barbie movie, it is currently available for purchase and streaming on Amazon.

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