The landlord claims the tenant blew up up Istanbul house over A dispute over the rent


The tenant is charged of put him house on fire in Istanbul and caused it to explode destroyed the house And they tore down the walls of nearby house After an alleged argument with the house owner.

Mehmet Yilmaz, the owner of the house, claimed that the suspect, identified as OE, had earlier threatened him to burn down his house. house down when they got engaged in argument over more in rent.

the fire on the first floor of three-story building in The city district of Avcilar on Europeans side I gutted it early on Monday place. Firefighters rushed to the scene and put out the flames that engulfed the area first Floors of the two adjacent buildings.

Yilmaz told the Ihlas News Agency (IHA) that OE was his tenant for the past Seven years and he was paid 700 TL for Years. “I told him that I would raise the rent to 1,500 TL but he was against it and threatened me. So I filed a complaint at the police station. Allegedly, OE has evicted house before pouring gasoline on apartment and escape from the scene.

yilmaz, who spirits on the above floorHe said he heard a noise Early in And I saw the morning smoke. “I went out Saw the explosion. me also I saw him and him family. They entered car And the left when they saw me added.

the police said in statement that fire And the explosion that followed was result “of A dispute between the tenant and the landlord” but he did not provide further details, adding that an investigation was underway.

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