The UN reiterates call for Libya will hold elections and keep the peace

The United Nations special to advise on Libya, Stephanie Williams repeated it call for The Libyans are concentrating on the electoral process and to perpetuate peace in the midst rising the anguish of future of the country on Sunday.

Last week at a meeting with Libyan senior politicians, she pointed out need for free and fair elections in Libya”in the shortest possible time.”

“I underlined the need for the various Libyan political forces will pursue the broadest possible consensus, through an inclusive and transparent process,” Williams said. on Twitter.

On Friday, Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbeibah said he would announce his roadmap for elections in June within two days.

Libya general elections were to be held on December 24 last yearbut differences between Libyan political groups hampered the elections.

Libyans hope holding elections will help end armed conflict in oil-rich country for years.

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