The West must take responsibility for Syria as in Ukraine: Syrian opposition


west should take responsability in Syria as it was in Ukraine, leader of a Syrian opposition group said Friday.

Salem al-Meslet, President of the National Coalition for Opposition and revolutionary forces of Syria (SNC), told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the West acted quickly when Russia launched a war against Ukraine.

“There is a huge difference between the attitude adopted by the international community to Ukraine and the one adopted for Syria. The attitude of the West in Syria and Ukraine is a double standard. The West must take responsibility in Syria as in Ukraine.”

Expressing son support for Ukrainian people victim of the Russian attacks, he declared: “There was a war in Syria for 11 years old and the main reason the sales have turned in to favor of the (Bashar) Assad regime; Russian intervention. They are the citizens of Syria who know best What is happening in Ukraine.”

He pointed out that more more than 12 millions had fled Syria but the West failed take a decisive position. “The international communitywhich took quick steps against Russia in a limited time in Ukraine, could not display the same attitude in Syria for 11 years old. We were very confused face to this situation,” he said.

He thinks the West is discriminatory car “the international community don’t care where syrian citizens live. west made a mistake every time he allowed Russia to oppose son veto instead of tolerate the crimes of Russia in Syria. We want the West to do decisions under a roof that Russia cannot oppose son veto.”

Emphasizing that the international community should display a constant and decisive position against Russia in Syria, he described the attacks of Russia in Syria and Ukraine as “war crimes” and noted that a common attitude should be adopted against Russian expansionist policy.

In the Syrian civil war, Turkey was the main funder of moderate opposition groups, while Russia has been the main Support of the Assad regime. Despite supporting opposite sides in the Syrian civil war, Turkey and Russia cooperated on numerous diplomatic initiatives for peace and stability in search of a political solution in the war-torn country, especially through the meetings in Astana.

Russia joined Syria is now 10-year conflict in September 2015, when the military regime seemed close to collapse. Moscow has since helped tip the scales of power in to favor of Assad, whose forces now control much of the country. Hundreds of Russian troops are deployed across Syria and the country also has a military air base along the Mediterranean coast of Syria. During the past few years, Russian warplanes targeted the areas under the control of the Syrian opposition, initially launching attacks from Hemeimeem in west of the country.

From the beginning of the syrian civil war in 2011, Turkey has also opened its doors to those fleeing the country for their lives.

Today, Turkey hosts nearly 3.8 millions of Syrian migrants, more than any country in the world. The country also leads humanitarian aid efforts for Syrians in Turkey and opposition-controlled areas of northern Syria. He has also engaged in building brick houses for Syrians and improving conditions in security zones created as part of counter-terrorism operations to facilitate voluntary return of refugees.

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