There is no return to normal relations for Putin: British Prime Minister Johnson


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday that he did not see how There can be normalization of Relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin after Moscow invasion of Ukraine.

asked during an interview on LBC Radio whether Putin can be welcomed back on The global Johnson said at some point if he repented: “Repentance will be very difficult for Vladimir Putin now… Nothing is impossible, I suppose, but I am just can’t see for life of me how We can restore relations with Putin now.”

Johnson said world risk repetition of 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea.

“The world Basically, this is horrific. We condemn it and we denounce it – and we did. and put on Penalties. But at the same time, we are good of open negotiations with him about a way forward, quoted by LBC as saying, “Putin basically used that as way of my knife in Ukraine”.

“If the Ukrainians have to do what kind of Deal with Putin now risk is that he will do the exact same thing and they are know He. She. So the short answer is no. No re-normalization and the United Kingdom too clear about that.”

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