TikTok is testing a weirdly working “dislike” button


TikTok just announced this Wednesday about testing the brand new “dislike” button. However, this new reaction is not in line with what other platforms and social networks are currently doing with this functionality.

For TikTok, it’s not a matter of making “dislikes” public. The firm explains: “In addition to our work to actively moderate offensive or hateful content or attitudes that violate our Community Guidelines, we also continue to explore new ways to give more control over comments.”

TikTok introduces another “dislike” button

TikTok continues: “We started testing a modality that allows anyone to identify comments they find inappropriate or uninteresting. This feedback from the community will enrich panel factors we already rely on to keep the comments section always relevant and attention-grabbing.”

“That’s why we decided, to not create discomfort between community members or demotivate the creators, which only the author of the dislike in the comment can see son choice,” details the social network. But then, in that case, why these “dislikes”? TikTok explains, for example, that creators who collect too many “dislikes” will receive a notification.

TikTok does not specify from what ratio”like” / “dislike” this notification will appear, or if too high a proportion of negative reactions may result in the content being removed. This feature is gradually starting to appear in some countries. Specifically, the button looks like a thumb to the right of the heart button.

Unlike this emoji, the thumb down emoji does not have a countdown. Likewise, disliking a comment doesn’t seem to cause it to disappear or change the content displayed in the user’s app. TikTok is ending son some 2021 figures around moderation are being reported.

The firm says it has “made steady and rapid progress in blocking content before getting any views“. “For example, between Q1 and Q4 2021, harassment or bullying content moderations increased by 14.7% from 0 views.” explains TikTok, which adds that its active moderation of content related to hate behavior increased by 10.9%.
Moderation from 0 views of violent and extremist posts increased by 16.2%. As for the proactive removal of content promoting suicide and other dangerous activities, their number would increase by 7.7%. What do you think of this new dislike button? Share your opinion in the comments.

don’t like tiktok comment button just to make it look dirty i guess peak.twitter.com/bBNEk6QsXY

— Yazz???? (@iniyaspip) March 14, 2022

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