Turkey plans to set up science Axis on Marslike Lake Salda


Salda Lake, a popular destination for Trips in Southwest Turkey, long under the microscope of scholars. Turkey now plans to set up multidisciplinary scientific research Center in The area To gain insight into body of Water whose properties have been discovered to be strikingly similar to a crater on Planet Mars.

NASA indicated that out Biological Similarities Between Pristine Lake and Jezero Crater on Mars based on Data from Perseverance Roamer. The Turkish scholars had recently concluded up study on Comprehensive microbiological map of Lake Salda in In order to provide data bank for NASA. The study was conducted with Cooperat of Ministry of The environment and urban planning, climate change, Boğaziçi and Istanbul Technical . Universities have helped in discovery of Microbial species and the spots in which they are concentrated inwhich are now designated protected areas.

Professor Bahr Ines of Bogazici University, one of Scientists who took part in studying, says the lake is rich in Microbiological potential and holds clues to evolution of bacteria. She has great focus of And we got bacteria first gene sequencing of Microorganisms in the lake with “Our study,” she told the Demiroren News Agency (DHA) Tuesday.

Highlight Ince need To expand the save area of the lake that is already set as a protected site, with access Limited to visitors. The Ministry decided set up a research The center at the basin where the lake is located will be opened soon. It will host scholars from various disciplines and is likely to host international scientific research Projects, in addition to the platform for our country young researchers,” she said.

Ministry said in Statement that the results of The study revealed a focus of alphaproteobacteria, a family of Bacteria that fall off light on Microbial evolution, as well as microorganisms from other “families” such as spores, actinomycetes, and viral microbes.

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