Turkish memory of Balkan Archeology Journey of Turkish language language

The documentary film entitled “Turkish Memory of Balkans ”- which was introduced for The first time in Ataturk Cultural Center in Istanbul – Unveiling the Fateful Journey of Turkish language in Balkans.

The documentary is directed, produced and written by Ismet Arasane, and presented by the respected archaeologist in Prizren Kosovo, Nimatullah Hafiz.

The movie that was produced with Cooperat of Turkish Ministry of Culture, Tourism and the Prizren Association for Culture and Solidarity in Kosovo provide insight into the Turkic languages ​​spoken in The Balkans, from Prizren to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgrade to Novi Pazar, Skopje to Sarajevo, to the love of Osman Pasha of Trebinje. In general, the documentary merges life and memories of Hafez.

Hafez is one of The first generation of writers of Kosovo Contemporary Turkish Literary Creativity. Completed Ph.D in Istanbul University College of Letters in 1976 with his thesis on “Texts of Prizren Turkish Folk Literature and Dialectal Characteristics” became first Turkish language language Doctor of Kosovo Turks and first Turkish graduate.

It was also The first person who organized first Academy commemorating its founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk father of The Republic of Turkey, after World War II, in the name of first president of Literature Nazim Hikmet Branch of the Turkish Culture and Arts Association.

He evaluated the business of Turkish language history And strive to ensure They took under protection.

His biggest contribution to Turkish education in Kosovo was found Section of Turkish language and literature at the university of Pristina. After the first decade of the twenty-first century, with his wife, also a professorTacida Zubcevic Hafız, founders of the Turkish Balkan Research Center, and first Neuroscience Centre in The Balkans and Southeast Europe.

Turkish memory of Balkans shows how spirits of Hafez family She was dedicated to preserving and preserving the roots of Turkish language, which is now a minority language and culture in Balkans.

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