Two Israelis detained by Dubai police for the murder of a fellow Israeli


The Dubai Police General Command managed to arrest eight Israelis in less than 24 hours after they were involved in the attack and death of a person of the same nationality amid conflicts and revenge between the families of the two sides. Dubai Police said the deceased was named Ghassan Shamsia, 33, who died as a result of an altercation that occurred while the families of both parties were in the country. She reported that the Criminal Investigation Department of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Investigations detained the two main perpetrators of the incident in just three hours, then continued the search and managed to detain the remaining accused in less than 24 hours.

And she explained that the details of the crime are related to the fact that family members of those responsible for the incident came to the state from a European country for the purpose of tourism and shopping, and they coincided with the victim in a cafe. , which led to an outbreak of mutual assault and a quarrel between the two parties, which ended in death after striking the victim with a sharp object.

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