UAE and Turkey Forge Comprehensive Partnership with Signing of Agreement


Minister of the United Arab Emirates of state for Foreign trade said Thani bin Ahmed Al-Zeyoudi on On Wednesday, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey ratified a comprehensive partnership agreement.

This deal represents a new era of cooperation in Our friendship and will is long lasting help Two-wheel drive, non-oil trade Exceeding 40 billion dollars (828 billion TL) in the next five years ” minister He said in Tweet.

Turkish and Arab relations world It suffers from a massive thaw after years of Strained relationships. However, the two countries Their relations have been affected by regional tensions, including conflict in Libya, where the UAE and Turkey supported opposing sides in Last few years.

Türkiye also Fixes strained relationships with regional powers, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Erdogan has reiterated that Türkiye hopes to maximize its cooperation with Egypt and the Gulf countrieson a win-win Basis “at a time when Ankara has intensified its diplomacy to repair its fraught relations with Cairo and some Arab Gulf states after years of tensions.

Türkiye and the United Arab Emirates signed a broad economic partnership agreement to strengthen it trade in He walks.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks on The deal said at the time, the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement would take an economic and trade Relations with a new phaseadding that he believes it will enable trade size between th countries to $25 billion in five years.

50-year Turkish-Emirati relations are based on Solid foundations, Erdogan said, adding: “Thanks to the agreement, the barriers trade in Goods and services will be removedand activities of Our investors and entrepreneurs will be facilitated.”

export climate for Turkish manufacturers gathered the most pace in April, with Some areas of The Middle East maintains a solid position growth direction in the month.

The United Arab Emirates one of To them, I scored a huge expansion in non-oil economic activity f growth rate I reached her highest level in the last six Months.

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