Ukraine invites Russian mothers will ‘come for’ their captured sons

Ukraine on Wednesday invited worried mothers of Russian troops captured on the battlefield to pick up their sons, in an apparent attempt to embarrass Moscow.

“A decision was taken into main over captured Russian troops to their mothers if they come for them in Ukraine, in Kyiv”, said the Ministry of Defense in A declaration.

A week in Russia invasion of Ukraine, Kyiv claims to have captured dozens of Russian military and cell phone videos go around in circles online of bewildered and disarmed young men in uniform.

Kyiv sought to undermine Russia public support for the invasion by opening a telephone hotline for Russian parents to find out if their sons are among the dead or captured.

The Department of Defense has released phone numbers and an email address to provide information about captured Russians, and mothers will be invited to Kyiv to retrieve their missing sons.

“You will be received and taken to Kyiv where your son will be returned to you,” the ministry statement said.

“Unlike the fascists of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, we Ukrainians do not wage war against mothers and their captured children.”

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