Ukraine’s Cities Left Without Electricity… And NASA Pictures Reveal the Darkness


For several weeks, Russia, which began the ninth month of its military operation on Ukrainian soil, has stepped up its strikes on Ukrainian energy facilities and infrastructure.

What has left its western neighbor plunged into darkness amid growing calls from Kyiv to end what it called “these war crimes.”

NASA snapshots

And in the pictures from the website of the US space agency (NASA), the whole country was without electricity, as there was no electricity in various Ukrainian cities.

While the satellite imagery showed the neighboring countries of Ukraine and others, they emit small specks of light that were observed from space!

And Russian strikes across the country yesterday, Wednesday, destroyed a largely damaged power grid, leaving many dead and shutting three nuclear power plants off the grid, leading to “massive” blackouts in neighboring Moldova as well, according to AFP.

The strikes also exacerbated power and water shortages in Kyiv.

At the same time, the World Health Organization warned that the priority for Ukraine this winter will be “survival” due to severe cold associated with power outages.

And the Ukrainian Air Force announced on Wednesday that Russia had fired about 70 cruise missiles into Ukraine, 51 of which were shot down.

It is noteworthy that a few weeks ago, Moscow changed its “tactics” in the fighting, focusing on the Ukrainian energy system, which left it in a deplorable state and deprived millions of Ukrainians of “light”, and sometimes water and heating.

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