Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, state banks hit by cyberattack


Ukraine said on Tuesday that sites of the Ministry of Defense and the country’s armed forces, as well as two state banks, were hit by a cyberattack that could have Russian origins.

the announcement from the communications watchdog of Ukraine comes with the former soviet republic fearing a possible attack Russian forces leading huge military exercises at its borders.

Affected sites include Oschadbank State Savings bank and Privat24 – two of most grand from the country financial establishments.

The Ministry of Defense website showed a error message that the site was “under review technique maintenance.”

The watchdog said Privat24 was hit by “massive denial of services (DDOS) attack.”

“It cannot be ruled out that the aggressor resorts to dirty tours“, said the watchdog. in reference to Russia.

Cyberattack comes amid tensions in Ukraine, that theon afraid to be on the edge of a possible invasion by Russian forces.

An accumulation of some 100,000 Russian troops around the ex-Soviet country prompted European leaders and Washington to warn of sweeping economic sanctions if Russia escalates an ongoing separatist conflict in Ukraine sending in troops.

Tensions have been heightened by Russia military exercises, including near Ukraine and in Belarus, where the United States says some 30,000 soldiers participate in scheduled exercises for run until February 20.

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