Ukrainian officials talk about explosions and mutual shootings in Kiev without clarification to the parties.


Officials from Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, reported that the city had witnessed “active clashes” and urged residents to remain “calm and vigilant”, without revealing who the parties to the conflict were.

Videos circulating on social media showed scenes from Kiev at night in which bullet explosions and roars were heard in the recordings.

Explosions and mutual gunfire were heard near the metro station “Berestyyskaya” in the west of the city, where the headquarters of the 101st Separate Guards Brigade of the Ukrainian General Staff is located.

According to reports, last night in Kiev’in Clashes broke out in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe “Vasylkovskaya” airbase in the south of it, which means the emergence of a new focus of war on the strategic road connecting the capital with the city of Odessa. Blacksea Coast.

On Friday evening, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Russian army entered the Ukrainian city of Melitopol, on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, without any resistance.

The Russian defense also noted that its forces closed the cities of Sumi and Konotop (north), while taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the civilian population.

Ukrainian media, on the other hand, stated that Russian forces were advancing towards the capital Kiev and the cities of Kherson, Mariupol (south) and Zaporozhye (central), and Russian forces took control or cordoned off some towns. The greatest damage so far comes from high-precision missiles and Russian planes bombing Ukrainian military installations.

Source: RT + agencies

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