US-backed YPG kills civil in Raqqa in Syria

The terrorist of the PKK organization’s Syrian wing of the YPG, strongly supported by the United States, killed a civilian in Syrian province of Raqqa, the Syrian network for Human Rights (SNHR) said on Monday.

He said the victim was trying to run away from the terrorist organization during a raid on his home in al-Tabaqa city on Sunday.

SNHR urged the international community that “the authors must be held responsible”.

Local people life in areas held by the YPG have long suffered from its atrocities, car The Terrorists organization has a notoriety record of human rights violations, ranging from kidnappings to recruitment of child soldierstorture, ethnic cleansing and forced displacement in Syria. The YPG forced young people areas under son control to join his forces under the so-called “compulsory conscription in the duty of self-defense.”

The United States mainly associated with the YPG in northern syria in the fight against Daesh terrorist group. Turkey strongly opposes YPG presence in northern Syria, which has been a major sticking point in strained Ankara-Washington relations. The United States provided military training and thousands of trucks of weapons to the YPG, despite the security concerns of son NATO ally.

Turkey worked to prevent the YPG from establishing a de facto autonomous entity region in northern Syria, which would border Turkey and connect the so-called “Afrin canton” in the northwest with the “Kobani” and “Jazira cantons” in The North-east. Ankara describes this as a “terror corridor” which constitutes a serious menace for the safety of son national safety, emphasizing its possible impact on PKK activity around Turkish borders.

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