Warning instead of violation. 25,000 warning messages for drivers from Abu Dhabi Police


The Abu Dhabi Police General Command has reaffirmed its interest in raising awareness among individuals and vehicle drivers based on its role in promoting positive behaviour, which is reflected in the continuous improvement of the safety and security system in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

In the first half of 2022, the Abu Dhabi Police issued around 25,383 warning messages to vehicle drivers instead of traffic violation reports, explaining that the initiative to “replace minor traffic violations with warning messages” for offending drivers is an awareness-raising tool aimed at warning violators of traffic rules. the importance of obeying the rules of the road, as well as the revision of the rules of the road, which can lead to violations and damage the safety of life and property.

Brigadier General Muhammad Dahi Al-Hamiri, director of the Traffic and Patrol Directorate in the Central Operations Sector, explained that the initiative aims to increase the positive attitude of motorists and enable them to analyze their behavior on the road and follow traffic instructions. that guarantee them safe driving.

He underscored the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment and interest in improving customer happiness while maintaining the safety of road users, emphasizing that happiness and positivity is the culture of society on which we build generations and the ultimate goal is to increase happiness. the quality of life of society. He urged drivers to correct traffic mistakes, avoid violations that entail the recording of traffic rules, comply with laws, be positive, and observe the speed limit on internal and external roads.

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