X Introduces New Program to Reduce Spam and Manipulation on Platform


X Announces New Program to Reduce Spam and Manipulation on Platform

X, formerly known as Twitter, has revealed a new experiment aimed at reducing spam and bot activity on its platform. The company is testing a $1 per year fee for “new unverified” users in New Zealand and the Philippines. Existing users will not be affected by this change.

What does this mean for users?

New users who pay the annual fee will have full access to X’s features, including posting content, interacting with posts, bookmarking, and replying. On the other hand, free users will only have read-only accounts and limited capabilities.

Aims of the program

The program, referred to as “Not A Bot,” aims to combat spam and manipulation on the platform. However, X clarifies that this initiative is not driven by profit but rather focuses on maintaining platform accessibility while reducing misuse.

Measuring effectiveness and future plans

X has stated that it will share the results of this program’s effectiveness in combating spam. This new initiative follows Elon Musk’s recent announcement that X may introduce a small monthly payment for its service.

Prior changes and current challenges

In June, X (formerly Twitter) briefly required users to log in to view posts but later reverted this decision and allowed logged-out users to access content. Reports suggest that X’s traffic has declined since Musk’s acquisition last year, prompting the company to take cost-cutting measures and pursue profitability.

Potential subscription tiers

Last month, CEO Linda Yaccarino hinted at X’s potential profitability in 2024. While the platform currently offers one paid plan priced at $8 per month, there have been indications of three premium tiers being introduced, including an ad-free option.

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