Yemen..the team of negotiators demands the opening of roads to Taiz


Yesterday, a Yemeni government negotiating team called on the international community, the European Union ambassadors and the US envoy to put more pressure on the Houthi militias to expedite the opening of the main roads leading to Taiz city and the rest of the governorates and to translate the UN envoy’s proposal on this into a reality on the ground. In a statement released by the Yemeni News Agency, the team praised the intensive efforts made by UN envoy Hans Grundberg and his team, which resulted in the proposal to open 5 roads in Taiz province and some governorates, including a main road.

The statement explained that this “represents the minimum requirements of the people of Taiz province, provided that the remaining roads are opened in the coming months.” The government team explained that “more than two weeks after the start of negotiations in the Jordanian capital Amman to open roads in the province of Taiz in accordance with the texts of the UN truce, and although we have promoted our vision of opening the main roads that are suffering people, facilitate their access and reduce economic costs, the other side (the Houthis) insisted on the laying of dirt roads, which do not achieve the goal of lifting the siege and alleviating suffering.

The group commended the positive role of the United Nations Special Envoy and his team, wishing him to apply the necessary pressure and take swift action against the Houthi group in order to expedite the implementation of the opening of the main roads and “prevent the coup group from manipulating and consuming the time of the second truce without opening the main roads in Taiz and the rest of the provinces, as stipulated in the UN agreement, which should be implemented as a single package and without selectivity. The team welcomed what it described as “a single and unified picture through which our people were presented to this humanitarian challenge, which became a title for all who wanted to see the scale of the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the militias in their eight years of destruction.” war, as a means of which the closure of roads in many provinces was used.

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