Zelensky: Germany announced the supply of anti-tank missiles and “Stinger” missiles to Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Germany is supplying Ukraine with anti-tank launchers and Stinger missiles.

Zelensky, “Go on, Chancellor Olaf Scholz! The anti-war coalition is at work!” he tweeted.

The German army announced on Saturday that it is sending another ship to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) eastern front.

In addition to the deployment of more troops, armored fighting vehicles, anti-missile systems and two ships, approved by the German Ministry of Defense on Friday, Berlin sent the “Alster” reconnaissance ship.

“The German Navy, the Federal Defense Army and the entire coalition now need a reliable picture of the situation… In addition to other activities, the Navy is also contributing to this with the presence of Ulster,” said Deputy Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Jan C.Kak.

Source: agencies

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