Activision Plans Call of Duty Games Until 2027: President Emphasizes Learning from Past Releases


Activision has Games Planned for Call of Duty Until 2027

The popular video game publisher, Activision, has announced that they already have new Call of Duty games in the pipeline until 2027. This comes as their latest release, Modern Warfare 3, is set to hit shelves on November 10, 2023.

Activision President Talks About the Future of Call of Duty

During a recent interview with GamesBeat, Activision’s president, Rob Kostic, reflected on the success and future of the Call of Duty franchise. He emphasized the importance of learning from past games and addressing any weaknesses in future releases. As a result, the company places great importance on sticking to their release schedule.

Long-Term Planning at Activision

Kostic revealed, “We are constantly in the planning stage, especially in the long-term planning stage. Right now we have games planned through 2027 that we’re currently working on. Moreover, I recognize that we have learned from the release of each chapter, trying to eliminate less successful and less valued aspects of the community in future games.”

He also acknowledged the popularity of the Modern Warfare and Black Ops franchises. While games like the original Sledgehammer WWII have performed well, Kostic highlighted the importance of delivering unique experiences in different game eras. He stressed that weapons play a crucial role in shaping the storytelling and tone of Call of Duty games.

Kostic noted, “When you’re designing chapters set in the future, you’ll definitely have more flexibility when it comes to weapons. For example, in Black Ops we have a lot of freedom because it’s a new war. There’s a lot of creativity in Black Ops, which makes it a lot of fun for the developers. And the audience appreciates the originality and freshness inherent in the series.”

Rumored Call of Duty Release for 2024

In line with recent online rumors, it has been speculated that the 2024 installment of Call of Duty will be a new Black Ops game set during the Gulf War. Development for this game is expected to be handled by Treyarch.

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