Al-Fath returns from Slovenia… and opens a dossier on cooperation


The delegation of the first football team of the Al-Fateh club arrived today, Thursday, in the province of Al-Ahsa after completing the external camp that the model created in Slovenia for 24 days as part of her preparatory program for the 2023-2022 sports season.

Coach Mr. Donis has given the players a three-day break and training will resume next Saturday to begin the second phase of preparation before the team’s first game of the new season.

Al-Fateh played four friendly matches during its training camp in the Slovenian city of Goronska, and the start of friendly matches fell on Radomli and won it with three goals to one, and the second against the victory of the Emirates and lost to him with two goals, in while he beat Tabor Secan of Slovenia in the third friendly match with two clean sheets and beat Shakhtar Donisk of Ukraine with three goals.

Notably, the model (Al-Fateh) will host her colleague Al-Taawon on Saturday evening, August 27, 2022, in Al-Ahsa in the first round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League.

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