Biden says he is plans To talk to the Chinese Xi in the middle of the economy problems


President Joe Biden said Tuesday plans to talk with His Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping as he contemplates lifting some imposed tariffs on Beijing in Attempt to ease inflation in the United States.

“I’m planning on have a conversation with President Xi. We do not have set Biden told reporters over the weekend call could be”soon. “

The last The conversations between the two leaders were on March 18, when Biden warned Xi against Russia help in that it invasion of Ukraine.

Tariffs set under former President Donald Trump imposed 25% of the tariffs on billions of dollar worth of Chinese imports.

The sanctions were intended to punish what the US called unfair to China trade Practices and Protection of Manufacturers in the United States.

The move It was politically popular but with Inflation at -40year altitudes in United States, Biden scramble to find ways to mitigate price By pressing, he said, raising some customs duties is under study.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is among officials who have said tariff easing could happen help Defuse inflation.

Biden call likely to happen soon in Part because Trump’s tariffs set to finish in July unless renewed.

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