Charpy Dean, female lead in ‘triangle of Sadness dies with age of 32


South African actress and model Charpy Dean, who had a breakthrough role in “triangle of sadness” which won this is year’Stop prize At the Cannes Film Festival, he died on Monday in age of 32.

Dean died on Monday in hospital in New York from a sudden, unexpected illness, its representatives said Tuesday.

dean also frequent role Like the Sioned Killer on DC Comics TV series “Black Lightning” that was broadcast on The CW from 2018 to 2021.

Charlby Dean Creek was born in Cape Town, where she was also Starch.

Dean started modeling when he was a kid, and has been appearing frequently on Fashion runways and magazine covers in the decades that followed.

she survived Ear-fatal car incident in 2009.

she made her representation debut in 2010 movie “Spud”, adapted of south african folk novel About a boys’ boarding school starring Troy Sivan and John Cleese. Re-enacted role in 2013 sequel.

in the triangle of Sorrow ” first Einglish-language Swedish film “Force Majeure” director Robin Ostlund, Dean and Harris Dickinson play celebrity fashion-model Husband on Sea trip for Immortals who descend into chaos. He. She also Stars Woody Harrelson is like a ship captain.

the film won The Palme D’Or in Cannes in May and opens in The United States and most of Europe in October.

At the festival before the movie won The award Dean told the Associated Press (AP), “For me, I likeI have already won. I already in Cannes with The movie. This is incredible. Anything just cherry on At the top at this point for I am you know? “

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