Connie Booth Departs Sony: Significant Changes at PlayStation


Connie Booth Reportedly No Longer at Sony

According to God of War creator David Jaffe, Connie Booth, PlayStation’s head of internal production, is no longer at Sony. Jaffe tweeted on Sunday that he had received some sad news that would imply significant changes at Sony. Later, he confirmed that he was referring to Booth’s departure, although this has not been officially confirmed yet.

Booth, a PlayStation veteran, has been involved in the production of over 100 titles at Sony. Some of her notable works include Crash Bandicoot (1996), Spyro the Dragon, Syphon Filter, Ratchet & Clank, SOCOM, Uncharted, Resistance, The Last of Us, and Ghost of Tsushima.

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Jaffe mentioned that he doesn’t have all the details about Booth’s departure, but he has heard from multiple sources that she is no longer at Sony. However, it is not clear whether she left voluntarily or was let go.

[Source – David Jaffe]

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