Draghi: Putin said that the ceasefire conditions in Ukraine and his meeting with Zelensky are not yet mature.


Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Russian President Vladimir Putinin He announced that he had told him that “conditions are not yet ripe” for a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, Vladimir Zelensky, and for a ceasefire between the two sides.

At a news conference today, Draghi said at the beginning of his phone call with Putin yesterday that he was looking forward to discussing peace in Ukraine and asked the Russian leader if a ceasefire was possible. He reiterated the importance of holding a summit meeting between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine to resolve important issues.

And the Italian prime minister continued, according to the newspaper la Repubblica: “However, the conditions for this have not yet been created, and the President of Russia told me that the time has not yet come to meet with Zelensky.”

Draghi, Putinin He confirmed that he had explained to him the geostrategic situation and the conditions that Russia deems necessary for concluding a peace treaty with Kyiv.

After the meeting between the negotiating teams in Istanbul last Tuesday, the Italian Prime Minister announced that he will visit Moscow and Kyiv.in arguing that there will be some convergence between their positions, Putin’in He said he noticed “some changes” in his style. it also “takes the utmost care in interpreting these signs.”

Draghi, both Moscow and Kyivin He emphasized that he sees Italy as one of the countries that can provide security guarantees to Ukraine within the scope of a possible peace agreement.

Prime Minister of Italy, Chinain Expressing his optimism about the role it can play in the peace process, he also emphasized the importance of Turkey’s mediation between Moscow and Kyiv.

Draghi, Putinin He also referred to the decision to force “unfriendly countries” to pay for Russian gas supplies in the Russian national currency, the ruble.

Italian Prime Minister Putinin He noted that during the meeting he confirmed “the continuity of the contracts signed to him and that European companies will continue to pay for Russian gas in euros or dollars”.

Explaining that he sees the transition to the ruble in these payments as “Russia’s internal matter”, Draghi suggested the possibility of coordinating the positions of the two sides on this issue.

Source: la Repubblica + La Stampa + “TASS”

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