Excess apartment dues in Turkey will be confronted by the newly formed legal unit


A unit to conduct legislation studies on Companies providing management services for The buildings were constructed following recent complaints from residents in the complex in Istanbul neighborhood and continuous local media Discussion regarding resident citizens on Ground floors of Premises should not be forced to pay the same amount maintenance amount and apartment dues (“aid”).

Unit established by the Ministry of Environment, urbanization and climate change work in In order to protect rights of a land floor Owners, bear out Legislative studies on companies that undertake management of Residences and workplaces, reported Ihlas Haber Ajansı (IHA) on Wednesday.

Unit set Cooperat with relevant public Institutions, organizations and implementation of measures to solve problems of Residence management. The unit will be charged out Secondary legislation studies after completion of legal regulatory studies on Topic.

”With completion.” of Secondary legislation studies are important step to reduce administrative issues in real estate,” according to a statement issued by the ministry.

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