Introducing the New PlayStation 5 Slim: Slimmer Design with Enhanced Features and Accessories


PlayStation 5 Slim Announced: Smaller and Lighter

And here it is, the longpredicted “PlayStation 5 Slim”: Sony has just announced new models of its current consoles that have a slimmer shape, but in return the drive stands out even more. The new variants should be 30% smaller and, depending on the model, 18% or 25% lighter.

In terms of technology, not much has changed, the performance values ​​​​remain the same as the old devices, although according to the data the internal SSD drives now have a capacity of 1 TB instead of the previous 825 GB and an old USB port has been replaced by USB C. The exact specifications can be found in PlayStation Blog.

There are also two variants for sale, one with Bluray drive (549.99 euros) and one without (449.99 euros). If you want, you can expand your “digital” device later, the drive costs as an accessory 119.99 euros. Another change: A stand for horizontal installation is included; for vertical installation there is a new version that can be used “for all models” (so apparently also the old one?) and costs 29.99 euros.

In the US, presales will start in November, with other territories to be considered “in the coming months”. And if stock of the old models sells out, it will come as no surprise that only these shapes will be available.

I think the new PS5 models…

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