James Gunn Adorns DC’s Office with Superman Comics and Celebrates the Hero’s Iconic Legacy

James Gunn Decorates DC’s Office and Celebrates Superman’s Iconic Legacy

Superman’s Legacy

James Gunn has decorated the offices of DC with various covers of Superman comics.

James Gunn, known for his work on successful Marvel films, recently joined DC Comics to create a new movie and TV series set in the DCEU. As the co-leader of DC Studios, Gunn is responsible for a new series of films featuring the best characters from the DC universe. The first movie in this lineup will be Superman Legacy.

Superman’s Legacy

Although many details about the film have yet to be revealed and casting hasn’t been announced due to the Actors’ Guild Strike, Gunn shared on Instagram that he has adorned the walls of his new office with various covers featuring the iconic Man of Steel. These covers have become legendary in the comic book world for their striking imagery. It remains to be seen whether these comics will directly influence the film or simply serve as a reminder of Superman’s enduring legacy.

Gunn will be serving as both the writer and director of Superman Legacy. When he first took on the director role, Gunn stated that he had previously been offered the opportunity to direct a Man of Steel film but didn’t feel he had the right story to truly capture the essence of Superman. However, he eventually found inspiration in Superman’s alien heritage and his upbringing in Kansas, leading to an emotionally impactful story for fans.

It will be interesting to see how Gunn’s version of Superman is received by audiences. The DCEU’s take on the character received mixed reviews, with some praising the modern interpretation while others felt it deviated from the character’s core qualities. In contrast, the TV series Superman & Lois was widely acclaimed for its portrayal of the character and its exploration of a “grown-up family” dynamic.

Superman Legacy is currently scheduled for release on July 11, 2025.

Source: Instagram

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