New DLC for Dredge: Explore the Thrilling Pale Reach Expansion and Catch New Fish Species


New DLC for Dredge

New DLC for Dredge

Exciting news for fans of the horror fishing video game, Dredge! Black Salt Games has announced that the game’s first true expansion, The Pale Reach, will be released on November 16th.

What to Expect

The Pale Reach DLC will bring a whole new gaming experience to Dredge. Players can look forward to exploring a new glacial biome, encountering new fish species, and enjoying various gameplay improvements. This expansion is the first to significantly expand the game’s content since its launch last March.

A Thrilling Journey

Players will embark on an exciting yet frightening journey in The Pale Reach. They will navigate frozen gorges and follow in the footsteps of an old expedition while uncovering the secrets of past travelers. To survive the environmental dangers, players will need to enhance their boat.

Producer’s Insight

According to producer Nadia Thorne, the idea of a frozen biome was present from the start, but it didn’t fit the initial story the game wanted to tell. However, this biome quickly became one of the most anticipated among players, with the community wondering what it would look like. We are thrilled to bring this wish to life in The Pale Reach.

New Fish Species

In addition to the exciting new biome, The Pale Reach will introduce 11 new species of fish and shrimp to catch in Dredge. Furthermore, players can expect the inclusion of a new facility that will ensure the fish remains fresh in any weather conditions. Additionally, fans can look forward to another upcoming DLC, The Iron Rig, although details are still under wraps.

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