News on finalization of draft Iran nuclear deal

A source accompanying the negotiations on the Iran nuclear dossier stated that the final agreement was formulated between Iran and the six countries, and the nuclear security issue remained between Tehran and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Reza Abbasi, a journalist close to Iran’s Foreign Ministry, said that “the text of the final agreement has been written and the only remaining issue is the issue of nuclear security measures between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

Explaining that the necessary agreements were reached in Vienna, the Minister added that if Grossi’s visit results in a positive result, he and the group of six countries will officially announce the agreement with a press conference.

This refers to Rafael Mariano Grossi, Director General of the Atomic Energy Agency.

A journalist close to the Iranian delegation said that there are signs that the Ukraine crisis is forcing the United States to abandon its rigid approach to negotiations, adding on Twitter that Washington is showing flexibility in the face of Iran’s conditions.

Source: RT

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