Play Starfield on Xbox One and Mobile with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: A Guide to Cloud Gaming


Starfield Now Playable on Xbox One and Mobile with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Starfield, the latest game from Bethesda, can now be played on Xbox One and mobile devices with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This means that subscribers to Microsoft’s subscription service can enjoy the game using cloud features.

Exclusive Availability on Xbox Series X and PC

It’s important to note that Starfield is exclusively available on Xbox Series X consoles, Xbox Series S consoles, and PC. However, it is immediately accessible through Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Play Starfield on Xbox One and Mobile with Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can easily play Starfield on Xbox One and mobile devices through Xbox Cloud Gaming (or xCloud), as revealed by TrueAchievements. To play the game, users simply need to search for Starfield in the Xbox Game Pass section of the Microsoft digital store and click on the Cloud Gaming feature to connect to the servers.

Experience the Vast Universe of Starfield

Once connected, players can explore the immense universe created by Bethesda. It may be necessary to wait in a queue, but the wait will be worth it. Bethesda, the publisher acquired by Microsoft for approximately $7.5 billion a couple of years ago, has made Starfield an Xbox exclusive, making it one of the most highly anticipated games.

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