Rumored Details About the Next Nintendo Console: Release Date, Pricing, and More


Rumored Details About the Next Nintendo Console

While there is no official information from Nintendo, insider reports suggest that the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 will come in two models: a standard version and a digital edition.

Release Date and Development

According to reports, the Nintendo Switch 2, codenamed NG: Finally, is expected to launch between September and November 2024. It is currently in development.

Pricing Information

The standard version of the console is rumored to be priced at $449, while the digital edition will have the same price of $400.

New Console in the Works

Recently, Nintendo announced the permanent shutdown of online services for the Nintendo 3DS and WiiU, starting in April 2024. Additionally, they stated that new games will continue to release on the current Nintendo Switch until 2025, indicating that Nintendo is working on a new console.

Take with a Grain of Salt

It’s important to note that these details come from an insider source and have not been officially confirmed. As of now, Nintendo has not provided any official statements regarding their new console, so these reports should be taken as rumors.

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