The Saudi Agenda presents sustainable development projects and initiatives to support education in Yemen.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the Saudi Yemen Development and Reconstruction Program, has contributed to the provision of education and training opportunities to tens of thousands of male and female students across Yemen, directly or indirectly creating employment opportunities in the education sector, as well as creating a comprehensive model of the educational environment through several quality projects. The program states that the Saudi Development and Reconstruction of Yemen has indicated that education is the main key to development, focusing on the education sector through 52 development projects and initiatives that have contributed to providing a stimulating and inclusive educational environment for all, including the creation 27 model schools and centers for the gifted, projects to establish and rehabilitate universities, projects to establish and equip schools and universities, and a project to print and distribute more than half a million textbooks for male and female students whom sex, common in the governorates of Yemen.

The program provided Yemeni students with a safe school transport project, providing educational transport buses for school and university students to serve male and female students in various governorates of Yemen and facilitate their transportation to and from their homes.

It also supports various Yemeni governorates through comprehensive educational projects, including school model projects that include classrooms, administrative offices, faculty rooms, chemistry labs, computer labs, basketball and volleyball courts, which are equipped with the latest technology to enable men and students a good learning environment, as well as to support extra-curricular activities that stimulate innovation and creativity, and implement their educational programs in facilities equipped to the highest standards and completely identical to those used in the Kingdom.

The scientific base and modern technologies in model schools contributed to the expansion of the comprehensive knowledge of male and female students, the improvement of the educational process and the level of educational preparation of students. For everyone.

Education projects of the Saudi Yemeni Development and Reconstruction Program have also contributed to meeting the growing demand for universities, such as the development project of the Sheba University in Marib Province, which serves university enrollees from Marib, Al-Jawf and Al-Bayda and displaced persons from the neighboring provinces of Marib, as well as equipping the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Aden.

Support provided by the Saudi Yemeni Development and Reconstruction Program to the education sector has contributed to the expansion of teaching and learning opportunities in mainstream schools, as well as increasing the chances of enrolling in universities and colleges in various governorates of Yemen.

The educational projects have provided a good learning environment for the students, which has contributed to the education of the beneficiaries and the empowerment of youth, which will benefit their communities.

Support for talent and innovation is one of the educational projects that has contributed to the creation of a proper educational environment for the development of creativity, such as the project for the creation of a complex for the gifted in the province of Marib, which consists of a model complex that includes 12 classrooms and several rooms. Provide a proper environment for the development of creative thinking, enable young people to excel, and develop and encourage innovation as the project will serve 1,369 beneficiaries.

The Saudi Yemen Development and Reconstruction Program considers the needs of people with disabilities in the educational projects it establishes, as it provides for requirements to enable people with disabilities to easily and conveniently use facilities that have been installed to the highest standards and specifications in order to create a suitable and attractive educational environment that meets the needs of this precious group and suits their abilities and needs, in such a way as to develop their skills and talents and facilitate their integration into society.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Yemen Development and Reconstruction Program has presented 224 development projects and initiatives that it has implemented in various governorates of Yemen to serve Yemeni brothers in 7 main sectors, namely: (education, health, water supply, energy, transport, agriculture and fisheries , capacity building of government institutions and development programs).

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