This Old House Returns for Its 45th Season: A Look at the Legacy and Evolution of the Beloved Home Improvement Show

This Old House Returns for Its 45th Season

A Season of Change

The upcoming season of This Old House has an extra layer of intrigue as it will be the second season without the beloved master carpenter Norm Abram. Abram, who had been a mainstay on the show since its inception, bowed out at the end of the 44th season, marking the end of an era. His departure left a void in the hearts of fans who had come to appreciate his expertise and craftsmanship. However, the show must go on, and the team at This Old House is ready to tackle this new chapter with the same level of dedication and passion that made the show so successful.

Ask This Old House Returns

In addition to the main series, This Old House’s sister show, Ask This Old House, will also return for its 22nd season. Hosted by series regulars Kevin O’Connor, Richard Trethewey, Tom Silva, and Jenn Nawada Evans, Ask This Old House provides valuable insights and answers to home-improvement questions submitted by viewers. Both shows will air on PBS and will also be available for streaming on the Roku Channel.

A Look Back at This Old House’s Legacy

For those unfamiliar with This Old House, the show made its debut on Boston PBS affiliate WGBH in 1979. Initially planned as a 13-episode miniseries, it quickly gained a devoted following and has been on the air ever since. The show focused on the restoration and renovation of heritage houses in Massachusetts, showcasing the immense skills of the crew and the transformative power of home improvement.

The Evolution of This Old House

Over the years, This Old House has changed, including the departure of the original host Bob Vila in 1989. Vila’s exit was marked by a disagreement with the producers over his endorsements of a competitor to show sponsor Home Depot. Steve Thomas stepped in as the new host and carried the torch until 2003 when Kevin O’Connor took over. O’Connor, not to be confused with the actor Kevin J. O’Connor from The Mummy, has become a familiar face and voice of the show, providing expert advice and guiding viewers through each project.

Influence on Popular Culture

The impact of This Old House cannot be overstated, as it set the stage for numerous home-improvement series that followed. It served as inspiration for the long-running ABC sitcom Home Improvement, where Tim Allen played Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. The show-within-a-show, called “Tool Time,” featured Allen’s character as a hilarious and accident-prone TV host, reminiscent of Bob Vila, with Al Borland as his skilled sidekick, much like Norm Abram. Bob Vila himself even made guest appearances on the sitcom, further blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

Mark Your Calendars

As fans eagerly await the premiere of This Old House’s 45th season, they can mark their calendars for September 28 on PBS. For those streaming enthusiasts, the season will be available on the Roku Channel starting from October 2. With its rich history and unwavering commitment to quality content, This Old House continues to capture the hearts and minds of DIY enthusiasts and renovation aficionados alike.

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