Troubling Reports: The Last of Us Multiplayer Development Paused, Possible Cancellation


Unsettling News Surrounding The Last of Us Multiplayer

Recently, there have been troubling reports circulating about the popular multiplayer game, The Last of Us. According to Kotaku, the game’s development has come to a halt and there are even concerns that it may be cancelled altogether.

Reasons for the Freeze

GamingBolt reveals that Bungie, a major player in the gaming industry, expressed dissatisfaction with the game’s development as a GaaS (Games as a Service). In response, Sony management decided to pause the project to evaluate their options.

Consequences for Naughty Dog

As a result of this freeze, Naughty Dog was forced to lay off around 25 contract quality control workers. This unfortunate turn of events has left the future of the project uncertain and hanging in the balance.

The Last of Us Multiplayer: Frozen but Not Cancelled

According to reputable sources, The Last of Us multiplayer game has not been completely cancelled, but rather put on hold for the time being. Sony has yet to make a final decision on its fate.

The Uncertain Future

Given the current circumstances, it remains unclear what will happen to the game. Sony may choose to abandon it entirely or drastically change its direction, deviating from Naughty Dog’s original vision.

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