Turkuvaz Media Summit celebrates womenTurkey’s contribution


A summit organized by Turkuvaz Media Group on the occasion of International Women’s Day brought together accomplished women of the country on Tuesday. From the Minister of Family and Social Policies Derya Yanık to Prominent Mayor of Gaziantep Fatma Şahin, the summit at the headquarters of Turkuvaz in Istanbul highlighted the challenges of women and their contribution to Turkey development.

yanik said in a video message to event what womenwork was behind Turkey success. “With the support and confidence of womenwe have reached progress in many areas in the past two decades. For our part, we have tried to do our best for women, from education to health and employment. We have witnessed this in each field women had their say and their roles flourished,” she said.

the minister also affected by the media role in women’s rights and said media had an important task for “responsible coverage” who helps fight against violence against women and discrimination.

Speaking during a panel during the summit hosted by Dilek Güngör, manager of business news to the Sabah newspaper, the sister of the Daily Sabah, Mayor Fatma Şahin said that every woman has a success story in his life. “We are more important because of our work, but every woman, of those who work in agriculture to positions of direction in companies, have a success story. She said Turkey has come a long way way since she graduated from university as an engineer in the 1980s. “People would think women cannot be engineers. I remember a time when there was only one woman among 150 men working in a company and she was confined to the laboratory work,” she says.

Şahin noted that she was elected the first woman legislator of Gaziantep thanks to the efforts of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who named her, referring to son previous officewhich was followed by a term as minister at the bar of the new ministry of Family. “I was elected as mayor of Gaziantep in 2014 and until then, the work of the mayor was traditionally confined to men. During my tenure, I appointed women as heads of almost all departments in the municipality. It wasn’t due to their gender, but based on on their past achievements,” she said.

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