unicorns double their value in a year to exceed $4 trillion


There are more more than 1,200 valuable private companies in the world namely unicorns, according to the latest data collected by Crunchbase News.

Turkey got son first startup valued at $1 billion or more in early 2020 after the sale of Istanbul-based Peak Games to US giant Zynga in a deal worth $1.8 billion.

It was soon joined by fast delivery pioneer Getir, e-commerce platforms Trendyol and Hepsiburada and another game developer Dream games, all of who have seen their valuations vault over a billion-dollar Mark.

Online retail-focused Trendyol and Getir didn’t stop there car they soon became Turkey first decacorns, with their valuations surpassing the $10 billion mark.

Both are quite young considering they were found in the last decade – Trendyol in 2010 and Getir in 2015.

The world’s unicorn startups world collectively raised more more than 700 billion dollars in funding over their life, the Crunchbase Unicorn Board list revealed.

They managed to get a new milestone this yearcar they have seen their value surpass $4 trillion for the first times ever, the data showed.

It marks a doubling of the value of the global unicorns of the end of 2020, when the 650 private companies on the list were rated at total around $2 trillion.

Also, the number of decacornes, startups valued at 10 billion dollars or more, reached 59, according to the report. It means their account also nearly doubled from 31 just a year since.

Disk year

Three of these decacorns are the most valuable private companies in the world with a value of over $100 billion.

These include Shanghai-based TikTok owner ByteDance, valued at $180 billion, Hangzhou-based payments platform Ant Group, at $150 billion, and California. space travel company SpaceX, which is valued at $100 billion.

About 591 startups joined the Unicorn list in 2021 in an unprecedented increase. On the other hand, approximately 141 companies were exited, either by acquisition or by public offer (IPO).

This marked a record year on both count, as new unicorns counted 167, while 58 companies left in 2020.

first unicorn

Yahoo’s $1 billion investment in Ali Baba back in 2005, which valued the Chinese Internet and e-commerce giant at 2.5 billion dollars, marked first Unicorn round checked in in Crunchbase.

The deal gave Yahoo 40% ownership. He still owned 22.6% at the time of Alibaba’s IPO in September 2014, and Softbank held 34.4%.

The listing earned Alibaba $21.7 billion which saw son market assess hit $231 billion, which remains the largest IPO ever.

Some 380 companies fell off Unicorn from Crunchbase list over time, with Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is the most popular of these outings.

New unicorns on the way

There are start-up in Turkey who have not yet been officially identified but who are on the edge of become unicorns including sahibinden.com, one of that of the country leading online shopping sites.

Another company is also in line. Insider, a platform that helps optimize online marketing campaigns, is also should become a company to reach a billion-dollar Mark.

Founded by CEO Hande Çilingir and others six partners, Insider could become the Turkish partner first software company to achieve this milestone.

Too, one of the financial technologycybersecurity and biotech startups is also expected at join the unicorn listen particular after legal regulations introduced over the recent year.

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